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Our Compost Spreader

compost spreader

Other Products & Services

Premium Ground Cover (5/8” screen)

Attractive ground cover comprised of composted wood that is re-ground and screened.  Provides water retention and works as a weed blocking cover.  Use as an aesthetically pleasing alternative to bark dust and mulches.

Ready Grow Soil

Organically rich soil that is bucket blended for an even mix.  It can be used directly in planting beds, flower pots and for laying sod.

Equipment Rental

Compost Walk-Behind Spreaders are available:
4 hours – $15.00
All Day – $25.00

Plus $50.00 refundable deposit

 Deschutes Recycling offers self-haul or convenient delivery. Compost is available by the yard and cubic foot bags.

Contact 541-388-1910 for more information.