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BioFine® & SoilBuilder® Compost

Healthy soils make healthy plants!

Compost is crucial to any gardening or landscaping endeavor.  Central Oregon soils are naturally poor in quality and lack organic matter, which can be a source of many plant problems.  Soils amended with BioFine® and SoilBuilder® compost will provide the benefits of water retention and nutrients, requiring less watering and fertilizing.  Your soil will be easier to work with and plant in.

Our compost is locally produced from yard debris waste right here in Central Oregon. Our compost products carry the US Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance to ensure quality and reliability.

SoilBuilder® Compost (5/8” screen)

This is our most popular product.  SoilBuilder® compost can be used as a soil amendment before planting or sodding.  Also mix SoilBuilder® with soil in your planting beds and cover plants for winter dormant periods.  SoilBuilder® holds moisture in your planting beds.

BioFine® Compost (3/8” screen)

BioFine® is our premium compost.  This high quality, very fine and uniform compost is perfect for potting mixes and top-dressing your lawn.  The BioFine® will hold moisture in the root zone as seed starter for lawns and seedlings.  We recommend a spring and fall application each year.

Deschutes Recycling offers self-haul or convenient delivery. Compost is available by the yard and cubic foot bags.

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US Composting Council