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Mulch is a ‘split’ between SoilBuilder® compost and BioFine® compost.  When BioFine® is made from SoilBuilder®, the material that is screened out is our Mulch. 


This is a very attractive ground cover and stays darker and lasts longer than barkdust.  The Mulch can also be used to loosen tight soils.  Most particle sizes are about ¼” by about ½” or less. Limited availability.



Equipment Rental

Compost Walk-Behind Spreaders are available:
2 hours - $10.00
4 hours - $15.00
All Day - $25.00


     Plus $50.00 refundable deposit



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We deliver anywhere in Central Oregon, Monday - Friday.  Contact us for delivery rates in your area.









Recycled Top Soil